So our children can have a healthier future

Save Epping Pool

Why save Epping Pool?

swimming training childrens pool epping

  • To support the development of water awareness and swimming skills for local children
  • To preserve the natural and native bush setting that is a precious commodity within an urban environment
  • For school use during carnivals and other swimming activities or events, e.g. squads, lifesaving skills building
  • To minimise traffic pollution on journeys that would be incurred to Hornsby or Ryde pools
  • To combat the obesity epidemic with ease of access to a fun/beautiful/convenient location so that anyone can access a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To decrease water consumption at a community level, i.e. residents of the area may forego building their own backyard pool in favour of supporting and visiting the local public pool
  • A short term investment in renovation/maintenance will offer a long term return on the pool. Such a renovation could include a gym, spa, and leafy cafe that may attract locals in its own right and contribute to revenue generation.


Save Epping Pool is now an official community group so please join and help our fighting fund

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