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Epping Pool Concept Plans

The current Epping Pool site at Dence Park offers a very special location for aquatic facilities in the heart of Sydney, but more than that it also has space for a range of additional community areas

.Vanessa Wegner, a local architect who grew up in the area, was approached by the Save Epping Pool group to develop concept designs for the site, and started by looking at how the pool lies in the heart of a growing, densely populated area but yet feels very private due to the surrounding bushland. From that, she has developed a vision for the entire site to kick start a dialogue in the community as to what they would like to see and enjoy.

Vanessa’s concept involves a large deck, which weaves in and out around the pool and allows extension into the bushland. This deck allows greater seating, sunbathing areas and a running track, while linking the various activities on the site.

Taking advantage of the sloping site, a new building located on the existing carpark level will house a 25 metre indoor pool, perfect for year round swimming lessons. With panoramic views over the bushland, this building would house the reception area, a café/restaurant and a gym as well as providing improved disabled access to the outdoor Olympic pool. The outdoor pool would remain in its existing position and be upgraded with new finishes and an improved grandstand area.

As a busy working mother with three young children, Vanessa recognises the importance of attracting more families to the facility. She proposes a children’s adventure playground for the southern end of the site, with hill slides and tree-house walks. In addition, a new children’s pool would be located in this area with water slides and ‘beach entry’.

Vanessa said that the site has the potential to be a major drawcard for locals and visitors and in her design she has incorporated a barbecue area which has provision for an outdoor cinema to be set up in summer.

Vanessa has also allowed for the existing community centre building to be upgraded and extended, a community garden created and tennis courts built on the existing bowling green area.

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