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Epping Planning Review

City of Parrmatta council has an extensive review paper on Epping on exhibition, along with a detailed Social Infrastructure paper. The full papers are online here.

 SEPG encourages locals to make a submission to the review, and we ask that you address three key areas in the papers that relate to the pool and its future. The sections that refer to Dence Park have been extracted from these large documents and are attached below. The review poses a series of questions to the community and asks for feedback - residents can choose to address just these specific questions or also make more broad ranging additional responses. 

The three key points are:

1) Epping Planning Review, Section 9, There are in principal comments on the need for additional open space and outdoor recreational areas for Epping (whether by expanding existing parks, acquiring new land or enhancing current council space). SEPG supports this principle and urges council to act on this recommendation. 

2) Epping Planning Review, Section 9, page 80-81 asks the community their views on the future use of the pool and the Dence Park site in general. The Social Infrastructure paper proposes a masterplan for the entire site (the picnic area, parking areas, Creative centre and the pool). 

SEPG supports the master plan proposal but feels it is essential that this is not prejudiced with the presumption that Epping only needs a 25 metre pool or that this site in not suitable for an Aquatic centre at all - both statements that are written in the papers. This should be an open masterplanning process. 

SEPG continues to support a revitalised aquatic centre, that includes a 50 metre outdoor pool, on this site as the best long term outcome for Epping. It is the only site of the size, in public ownership, within the boundaries of the new Epping and offers a once in a generation opportunity for renewal. 

3) Social Infrastructure Paper, Section 6.8 on Page 25 - this looks at Dence Park and the pool in much more detail and makes some sweeping, and untested, statements about it. It has one key point - it says that the area only justifies a 25 metre pool. This is based on a consultants report which has not been made available for review. 

SEPG strongly objects to this statement being included in the review at this stage. It is premature, the evidence it is based on needs to be publicly available, and the community needs to be consulted. We will be asking for this statement to be removed from the final report. 

Submissions from residents are vital - they can be long or short. They can be made in writing to:

Epping Planning Review

City of Parramatta Council

PO Box 32

Parramatta NSW 2015 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line of Epping Planing Review

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